Baby Giant

Baby Giant

Publishing house: Nigma, 2020
Illustrated by Ekaterina Kazeykina
ISBN: 978-5-4335-0746-3

Baby Giant

Publishing house: Nigma, 2017 (Moscow)
Illustrations by Mary Lehman
ISBN: 978-5-4335-0552-0

„Baby Giant“ is a small book with small fairy tales about one huge-huge giant, but small-small baby. This Baby Giant is at the center of the universe. He himself creates and learns the world around him. How did the Egyptian pyramids appear? Baby Giant giant sculpted them in the sandbox-desert. Where did the icebergs come from? Baby Giant’s milk teeth fell out. Baby Giant’s mother supports the wonderful world that her baby creates. Grow, Baby Giant, don't be afraid. The world is bottomless, but mom is nearby.


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Reading guide

17 ideas to turn into Baby Giant after reading this book: pdf in Russian language.

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Серия «Я уже большой!» издательства «Нигма». Дмитрий Гасин, видеоблог gasindm, 23 августа 2017.