The Invisible Elephant

The Invisible Elephant

Publishing house: Foma, the series „Nastya and Nikita“, 2013
Illustrations by Diana Lapshina
ISBN: 978-5-91786-110-4

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„The Invisible Elephant“ is the first story of a little blind girl in whose life there are a mom, dad, museums, guests, singing, drawing, clouds and even an elephant! Her life is filled with events and love. She just sees differently. I wanted that every reader to recognize himself in this girl—cheerful, curious, beloved by his parents. And to understand that if a person has a difference, it’s not a problem for communication, friendship and support.

In 2012, the manuscript received the „Audience Award“ at the „Short Children's Work“ competition (Nastya and Nikita Publishing House).

In 2014, the book entered the long list of the literary prize dedicated to the 85th birthday of Viktor Golyavkin (nomination „Book for children“).

In 2017, the book was included in the 2017 IBBY Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities.

In 2018, the Novosibirsk’s Theater Pilgrims staged a performance that people watch with closed eyes. Directors: Elena Kuznetsova, Vladimir Kuznetsov.


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Reading guide

How you can read the book in library, in school and in home: pdf in russian language.

Reviews, interviews

Каждый видит по-своему. Евгения Шафферт,, 18 апреля 2013.

Один общий мир. Алина Дальская, Фома, 2013, № 6 (122).

Настя и Никита. Часть 3. Павел Крючков, Новый мир, 2014, № 1.

Другими глазами. Мария Климова, Папмамбук, 26 марта 2014.

Нельзя исправить мир. Но можно посмотреть на него по-другому.
Интервью Николая Назаркина Алёне Васнецовой. Папмамбук, 31 октября 2014.

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Audio and Video

In 2014, based on the book, a film-diplom directed by Anna Lyakhovskaya (MGUKI)
was shot—you can view this film on the Zaplay Studio website.
In 2017, the book was voiced of Olga Siroto’s nonprofit audio project, Hold My Hand.
Voice—actress of the Tambov State Drama Theater Olga Siroto, sound—Nikita Makarchuk.