Family of Mountains

Family of Mountains

Publishing house: Nigma, 2017
Illustrations by Diana Lapshina
ISBN: 978-5-4335-0551-3

„Family of Mountains“ is a small book with small fairy tales in which mountains come to life. Dad in this family is Crag, mom is Mountain, daughter is Little Mountain, and son is Hillock. They are all reliable and friendly. I think that this family is the strongest family in the world. Can you move a mountain from its place? Of course no! One day, some important people decided to dig a tunnel in mom Mountain. Dad Crag made a rockfall! So important people run away… In meetings I like to fantasize with children another families. My favorite characters from created by children are the dad Dictionary from the family of books and grandfather Monocle from the family of glasses. And what kind of family will you invent?


. . . . . . . . .

Reviews, interviews

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