Captain Borsch

Captain Borsch

Publishing house: ROSMAN, 2018 (Moscow)
Illustrations by Inna Paporotnaya
ISBN: 978-5-353-08935-3

Book «Captain Borsch“ is funny stories about cheerful captain who prepares soup-borsch every day because his pleasure boat works on borsch. I came up with this hero when my husband Alyosha and I travelled on Baltic sea at ferry. The ferry is huge. We climbed to the very top, and there from cooker hood it smelled so delicious borsch that Alyosha said: „It seems our ferry is sailing on the borsch.“ And I replied: „Yeah, and Captain Borsch is behind the helm.“ And the wind immediately blew these stories! And the seagulls yelled that it is ok! And then this book was born.

In 2017, the manuscript „Captain Borsch“ won the literary competition „New Children's Book“.

In 2018, the book was included in the Biblioguide’s list of the best books of 2018. Illustrations for the book were included in the list of the best illustrations for works for children and adolescents based on the results of the XI All-Russian competition of book illustrations „Book Image“.


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Reading guide

8 ideas for reading the book „Captain Borsch“: pdf in russian language.

Reviews, interviews

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