Oskolki, 2023

20 октября 2023

Oskolki / The series of everyday summer photos № 2

June-August, 2023

Oskolki is the series of instant photos with piece, part or fragment of something whole that today is whole but tomorrow may be as fragments because thаt world is not moving forward wholeness. Each day we hear about new shatters. So every day of this summer I tried to fix usual whole around me that tomorrow may be fragments. But small person is not all-powerful so on the photos only fragments of whole.

The series calls Oskolki. Oskolki is a Russian word that means pieces that has broken off from something: shards of glass or ice, fragments of projectiles, sharp fragments that can cut you. And also this word means something that existed before, but has survived in very small amount to the present day: fragments of the past or culture that no longer exists. In my project I unite both meanings so the objects on the photos are different things from context of my everyday life. The form of instant photos tells that the little white acute-angled photos look like the fragments. And these photos and the fragments appear identically — instantly. Also with photos I wrote diary as a usual way for fixing reality and for explaining about from which whole the fragments are on the photos.