Summer Is A Little Peaceful Life, 2022

28 июля 2023

Summer Is A Little Peaceful Life / The series of everyday summer photos № 1

June-August, 2022

In Russian there is an expression “summer is a small life.” In the summer of 2022, I added the word “peaceful” to this expression, and every summer day I photographed some peaceful activity from my life. Sometimes it was simple everyday things, like transplanting aster seedlings into pots or drinking coffee on the balcony. And sometimes something extraordinary happened, like visiting Stolby in the Krasnoyarsk region or moving to another apartment. All 92 days are different. On the one hand, it was important for me to collect a variety of peaceful activities. On the other hand, I wanted to show that every day that we live is the one and only — for this I chose an instant photos. I photographed like an usual person, not a professional, so some of the photos came out blurry or too dark. They cannot be edited. But for me, this is life as it is.