The Memo For Octyabrjonok, 2023

6 ноября 2023

The Memo For Octyabrjonok / The series of handmade books for children, № 4

Materials: 5 replaceable collars and 1 replaceable cuff for soviet school uniform, some soviet lace ribbon, red thread.

October, 2023

This book tells about rules for octyabrjonok. Octyabrjonok in Russian means child of October. October symbolizes the Great October Socialist Revolution. To be octyabrjonok in USSR was a first step in ideology of communism. The first — Little Octobrists, the second — Young Pioneer, then — Komsomol and then — Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

I was born in USSR. So when I was at second grade I became an octyabrjonok. As another children in my class. The group of pioneers made for us, as new children of October, handmade cards with rules for Little Octobrists. I saved this card and now used the sentences from it in my handmade book.

The pages of my book are replaceable collars for soviet school uniform. In my childhood I had a collection of such collars. It was my every-week-duty to change the collars: to wash dirty collar and cuffs and to sew the clean collar and cuffs onto the uniform. The collars in my book are sewed in the way that everyone can put them on their shoulders and feel all duties for Little Octobrists.